Thirty-five years...

... of instant, dramatic, specific demonstrations of neurological anatomy as it relates to cause and symptom have built
thousands of practices. Witnessing the powerful Neuropatholator is an indelible, life-changing experience. Patients become committed
advocates of you and your practice.

If more patients follow schedules, refer friends and family, and share the story with others, your job is easier.


Keeps On Ticking!

Every week I talk to DCs who are still ‘pushing my buttons’ thirty years later. Excitedly, they announce that many times a day they’ll reach out,
push a button, and open up their patient’s mind. That’s right, it still works and looks as good as the day they got it.

If you are reading this you have probably used a Neuropatholator.

Software Boost Rapport

In less than 15 seconds Neuropatholators clearly and unforgettably show problems you can help.

In 2001, we brought this powerful patient generating experience to your computer, added hundreds of Chiropractic graphics and animations
and then optimized it for touch screen monitors.

Just like the Neuropatholator wall chart, simultaneously, your choice of Nerves and Organs will flash before their eyes. Your patients will understand Chiropractic better when they look into the NeuroPatholator Software. Visual Odyssey patient education is designed to resonate with your patient on a deep, memorable and emotional, ‘gut level’.

As you can see, we know patient education. And we know how to make happy Chiropractors. Read on, and learn how you can set your practice on fire with our latest program.

What can we do that will empower your patient to leave your office the first day and help enlist the support of their family and friends?
How can we arm your patients with an intriguing method of exploration that will deliver a powerful message? Technology held the solution.

Visual Odyssey president, Bruce Goldsmith
in 2000 with the PocketPatholators.

What's all this about pulling patients out of my pocket?

Breakthrough #1 - In 2000, the PocketPatholator was born. It took months of massaging and refining the Neuropatholator graphics. Multiple, vibrantly colored pictures were printed on top of each other so as you tilt it, you see the pictures actually move and change. An irresistible learning tool that peels and sticks to the back of your business card.
With a PocketPatholator business card, you have a dramatic presentation of nerve ‘flow’ or disc degeneration. They are active and enticing.

Breakthrough #2 - Now it’s 2012, we’ve electrified the PocketPatholator...


Visual Odyssey, Inc.