The world is going mobile.
“1 Billion Smart Phones by 2013”

480 million Newspapers - daily circulation*
850 Million Cable and Sat TV*
1 Billion Personal computers*
1.5 Billion TVs*
1.3 Billion EMail Users*
5.2 Billion Mobile phone subscribers*
100 Billion ‘PUSH’ notifications sent*
* estimates

In the US 80% have a mobile phone AND 25% of mobile web users are mobile only.

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Why Get Your Own Customized Mobile App?

It wasn't but just a couple of months ago I was trying to find a way to get my expertise, knowledge, & ambition out to the public. Throughout my life, I had always had an interest in health.  It's something that has intrigued me daily. After a long run in achieving a variety of champion levels in bodybuilding, powerlifting & strongman, I made my history in the fitness industry. In conjunction with all that, I even went on to gain my Doctorate as well.

As I progressed into ‘Doctorhood’, I wanted to find a way to communicate my ideas to the world. I felt I had good things to offer the health & fitness industry, but I just didn't know how to display & channel them. After a few years of practice, I stumbled upon an amazing opportunity...The Biggest Loser! I saw that they were looking for a Chiro position & applied.  They interviewed me & brought me on board the following day! I was ecstatic. My chance of a lifetime had arrived.

After 2 years, I had solidified my position as the exclusive Chiro to The Biggest Loser. I had incredible testimonials & results, but had barely any online presence to show for it. I began searching for ideas on the web, but couldn't find anything of worth. Then I looked in the Apple store for any Apps that would be of value & all of the sudden I came across one of the best finds ever!  It was an App for Doctors to educate & show why things happen in the body the way they do. Visual Odyssey & The Neuropatholator! This was exactly what I needed.

As I researched this newly discovered product, I found out it had been around since 1976! Bruce Goldsmith was the genius behind The Neuropatholator and originally developed it as a wall chart for Doctors to use as a diagram to describe pathology in the body to their patients. He then made it into a flip chart show for workshops in 1987, touch screen software in 2001, & now finally an App in 2012. The greatest thing about the Neuropatholator App he created is it can be interchangeably used & integrated into any health App that someone wants to develop & that's when it hit me! To make my own App - The Dr. Ray Cure™.

It's been over 4 months now since the release of my App in the Apple & Android store & everything has been a huge success! With over 600 downloads so far, all of my patients, friends, colleagues, & even family are so overly impressed with the App that I can't thank Visual Odyssey enough for aiding me in creating it! Their customer service, willingness to help, & knowledgeable personel are what has enabled me to prosper. I highly recommend Visual Odyssey to any Doctor, therapist, or even fitness enthusiast who's trying to get their brand out to the world to use their App compatibility as smart phone marketing & advertising! It's the biggest technology boost in the health & fitness industry today!

- Dr. Ray DiBartolomeo



Visual Odyssey, Inc.